Walpole NH Nest

This is a new nest for me, and a little out of my “area”, but I make it out that way as often

Ready for Take Off
Adult male bald eagle. Walpole, NH January 2019

as I can. This nest is incredibly unique. Like the southern VT nest, this nest is landlocked, which is unusual. What makes it more unusual, is there are 3 adult bald eagles tending to this nest. There is one male (not banded) and two females who are banded. I have heard that there were originally two pairs of adults, and the male from one nest died/disappeared. It seems the other pair took on the sole female bald eagle from the other nest. From what we can tell, both females have been sitting on the eggs this year. They should be hatching soon, if they didn’t already. I’m very excited about photographing the juvenile bald eagles from this nest when the time comes. I believe the nest “failed” last year, meaning no juveniles hatched.

Spread Eagle
Walpole, NH January 2019 – adult bald eagle