My fascination with Bald Eagles started with a trip to Alaska in 2016. The trip was for my husband’s birthday, but I gained a gift along the way too. The diverse wildlife was breathtaking, and sparked a new excitement for me. I brought my new appreciation for nature back home to Vermont, and rekindled my passion for photography.

I grabbed my camera and started to kayak along the Connecticut River in southern Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. I was able to photograph the bald eagles, their nests, their young, and even identified a few through images of their leg bands. I was on a quest for eagles with my camera and kayak, and I haven’t stopped since.

While observing the eagles, I started to become familiar with other raptors and birds in the areas I visited, as well as some small critters. My photography studio has now become the rivers, ponds, and lakes that dot the landscape of New England.

My photography is from Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts, except where noted.  I hope these images will entice people to go outside, explore, and gain a new appreciation for their surroundings.

Originally from Long Island, New York, Dara Carleton has a degree in fine art, and a background in painting and photography. Over the years, she was commissioned to do several murals in New York, Massachusetts and South Carolina, and has exhibited in several galleries in MA, NY, and now, Vermont. Mrs. Carleton is also an avid volunteer for NH and VT Audubon, and monitor s several bald eagle nests throughout the year. Dara resides in Brookline, VT, with her husband, kayak, & camera.

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