Welcome to Dara Carleton Wildlife Photography, and thanks for stopping by.Banded Bald Eagle on branch

I am based in Brookline, Vermont and most of my photographs are taken within a 1 hour drive of our cabin in the woods.  On this site you will find lots of local photos and photos from our travels to Alaska, Yellowstone National Park, and The Grand Tetons. Join our Facebook Page for a daily dose of wildlife photography.

My main focus is bald eagles but I am a lover of nature and all things wild. The majority of my photographs are taken with a hand held camera from my kayak with a telephoto lens, which proves to be both a challenge, and a source of therapy for me. In the summer months I visit several local bald eagle nests, and keep a blog here of my encounters.

Please explore the site; Read the bald eagle blogs, read more about me, take a look at the photo gallery or see what my next upcoming event is. I’m happy to answer any questions, so please feel free to contact me. I will get back to you as soon as I possibly can.

My hope is to inspire people with my photography, to get outside and explore their surroundings. What a beautiful world we live in…